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Why chose EarthStone patio stones for my next project?

EarthStone handcrafted products provide the benefits of natural stone, including exceptional beauty and durability, while eliminating the installation hassles. Standard sizes and uniform thickness allow for project completion in a fraction of the time required using natural stone. In addition, EarthStone’s selection of sizes and colors allow for limitless design opportunities.

How permanent is the stone coloration?

EarthStone uses a combination of coloring techniques to achieve the color variation and natural look that is desired. EarthStone uses iron oxide pigments that are formulated specifically for concrete coloration. Integral colors are added during the concrete mixing operation and create the base (predominant) color of the stones while the highlight colors are applied during the concrete pouring stage of the process. Both methods result in colors that are both permanent and steadfast. The integral color means that the color is present throughout the stone. Please note, however, that cutting of the stone exposes the stone composition and compromises the natural, consistent look of the stone. Note: Unless stone surfaces are sealed with an appropriate concrete sealer, due to the porous characteristic of the stone, slight lightening of the colors or possible discoloration may occur due to repeated exposure to airborne or precipitation related deposits such as dirt, sand, and air pollutants. Discoloration may also occur due to exposure to such things as ice melting chemicals, lawn fertilizers, common household chemicals, oil, grease, gasoline, or beverages such as juices or table wine.

Can EarthStone be used for driveways?

While all EarthStone products are made with high strength concrete, concerns with improper ground preparation during installation limit its use to areas subject to foot traffic only. EarthStone Products LLC does not warranty our products for use on driveways or similar applications.

Can EarthStone patio & hardscape stones be used in applications other than landscaping?

In addition to their suitability for landscape applications, EarthStone patio & hardscape stone can also be used as wall or column caps, hearthstones, or nearly any application as a substitute for natural stone. Consult with your local distributor or EarthStone Products LLC to answer your questions about the suitability of any EarthStone product for your project.

Can EarthStone patio stones be installed over existing concrete slabs?

Yes. Installation instructions for applications over an existing or newly poured concrete slab can be found on this website under the installation guidelines heading. Note: the installation of EarthStone patio products over previously cracked surfaces will not prevent future cracking or other concerns associated with movements in the concrete slab.

Can EarthStone products be used indoors?

Yes. All EarthStone products are suitable for indoor use.

Are EarthStone products fire resistant?

While EarthStone products are non combustible, they are not intended as a fire shield. When used in close proximity to a heat source, such as a fireplace or stove, one should consult the heat source manufacturer’s installation instructions for appropriate heat and fire shield protection.

Can EarthStone patio & hardscape products be cut to size?

Using the appropriate masonry cutting tools, all EarthStone products may be cut to achieve a clean, finished final appearance. A concrete block or brick saw, a demo saw, or a circular or chop saw equipped with an adequate masonry cutting blade or a diamond cutting blade, is required to cut stone. Cutting stone exposes the composition of the stone and for aesthetic reasons cut edges should be concealed.

Please use appropriate personal safety equipment including adequate gloves, hearing and eye protection to avoid injury.

What is the standard joint spacing for EarthStone?

EarthStone patio and hardscape stones are intended to be installed with ½” spacing between individual stones. The ½” joints allow stones to be placed and set without concern for mating or pairing individual stones to accommodate variations in the natural edges. During installation, it is important that joint uniformity of ½” be maintained for both aesthetic purposes and for ease of installation.

What is used to fill the joints between stones?

Any number of materials commonly used with natural stone installations are suitable for joint filling with EarthStone patio & hardscape stones. Washed masonry sand, polymeric sand (sand which has a binding agent to assist in stabilization, moisture penetration, weed penetration, and other benefits), or crushed fines are only a few of the possible alternatives. Consult with your local landscape supply center for suggestions in your specific geographic region.

Is it necessary to use mechanical/vibratory compacting to settle the stones upon completion of installation?

Do not use mechanical compacting such as vibratory plate compacting to assist in settling the stones. If the ground has been properly compacted and prepared prior to installation, there is no need for further compaction. Use of a vibratory compactor or comparable equipment may cause unnecessary surface abrasion as well as other undesirable aesthetic concerns (see complete installation instructions).

Can circles of larger than nine foot radius be created using the radial stones?

Radial stones are sized precisely to create either full or partial circles of 3-foot, 5-foot, 7-foot, or 9-foot radius when used with the appropriate quarter circle, half circle, or full circle centerpiece while maintaining uniform .5” joints. Each of the available sizes can be expanded or stretched by widening all of the fill joints. To accommodate the need for other sizes, the use of 11.5" x 11.5" patio stones as an additional outside ring when in combination with one of the standard circle or partial circle kits is an option.

Should EarthStone patio stone be sealed or treated?

EarthStone patio stones should be sealed with a breathable concrete sealer. A breathable concrete sealer allows water vapor to escape from within the stone yet minimizes water penetration through the sealed surface. Sealing the stones reduces concerns associated with product staining and discoloration, provides protection against moisture penetration and freeze/thaw concerns, and allows for easier, more effective cleaning. Care should be taken in selecting a sealing product so as to achieve the desired finished characteristics. A test should be conducted using a piece of EarthStone prior to applying any sealer to the surface of your finished project. The choice of sealer type is an individual one based on desired characteristics, ease of application, and product longevity among other factors. The surface to be sealed should always be completely dry and free of efflorescence. As a final note, please be aware that some sealers may alter the color of the stone and may also result in a stone surface that is considerably less slip-resistant than untreated stone.

How do I maintain my EarthStone patio?

EarthStone is relatively maintenance-free. Patio surfaces may occasionally be washed and scrubbed with a stiff bristle broom or using a power-washer on a low-pressure setting. Concerns may arise with joint fill material being removed if using a pressure washer or other high pressure water stream. Do not use acid-based cleaning products or other harsh chemicals on EarthStone as the surface of the stone may be altered.

What is the white residue on my EarthStone patio stones?

The development of a white residue on the surface during the early life of some concrete products is referred to as efflorescence. Efflorescence is caused when salts and/or other water soluble minerals are transported to the surface of concrete via water migrating through the product. It is induced by moist conditions, low temperatures, condensation, rain, dew, or other water sources. Most commonly efflorescence occurs when calcium hydroxide formed in the hydration of portland cement is transported by water to the surface of concrete. There it combines with carbon dioxide from the air to form calcium carbonate, a white, chalky mineral deposit. Since efflorescence is a naturally occurring phenomenon, it is not possible to be sure when, or if, efflorescence will appear. The effect generally disappears with the natural weathering process and the passage of time. It is in no way detrimental to the long-term durability of the product.

Can efflorescence be removed?

You may first attempt to remove efflorescence with a dry, soft-bristle nylon brush.  If a nylon brush alone is unsuccessful, the use of water or a solution of one part white vinegar and five parts water may assist in removing the efflorescence. Care must be taken to rinse the surface well after removing so as not to simply transport the minerals to other areas.

Note: Do not use concentrated chemical cleaners such as muriatic acid to remove efflorescence as these may damage the stone or alter color.  If attempts to remove prove unsuccessful, allowing sufficient time for the minerals to deplete via repeated exposure to natural forces will often alleviate concerns over time.

Can I use de-icing salts on my patio?

EarthStone does not recommend the use of de-icing salts, as the surface of the stone may be permanently damaged. As with any concrete surface, the use of de-icing salts may result in pitting or flaking of the finished surface. In places where de-icing salts must be used, minimize application of salts and remove residual salts when possible.

How thick are the stones?

All EarthStone patio stones are two inches thick.

How heavy are EarthStone patio stones?

EarthStone patio stones weigh approximately 21 pounds per square foot. Therefore, the most commonly used sizes of 11 ½”x 11 ½”, 11 ½”x 23 ½”, and 23 ½”x 23 ½” are approximately 21 lbs, 42 lbs, and 84 lbs per piece respectively.