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What is EarthStone lightweight veneer?

EarthStone veneer is fiber-reinforced, lightweight concrete manufactured stone designed to be applied to a vertical surface for purposes of protection and to enhance aesthetics. EarthStone veneer products are commonly used for both interior and exterior applications as a wall surface covering. EarthStone is lighter than natural stone which means that it can be applied over any structurally sound surface and can therefore be introduced as a design element in nearly any application. The structure need not be engineered for the use of stone or with the concerns associated with the use of natural stone. Let your imagination soar as you consider the design possibilities.

Why choose EarthStone Products’ stone veneers?

EarthStone veneers are the choice of masonry professionals, homebuilders, and homeowners alike. Our selection of styles and colors, our individualized attention when it comes to customer service, and the unsurpassed beauty and realism of our products have made EarthStone veneer products the stone of choice. Besides, we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

What are the benefits of EarthStone veneer products?

Along with the benefits associated with the lightweight characteristic of the stone, users of EarthStone veneers can expect reduced project costs, due in part to simpler construction (no need for footers or wall ties) and reduced time and labor associated with easier installation. Reduced waste is another benefit to using EarthStone veneers as each stone used to cast molds has been selected for suitability in terms of both aesthetics and for ease of installation. EarthStone products are also essentially maintenance-free, providing years of enjoyment without having to paint, seal, or replace while eliminating weather-related damage concerns such as hail or extreme wind.

How permanent is the stone coloration?

EarthStone uses a combination of coloring techniques to achieve the color variation and natural look that is desired. EarthStone uses iron oxide pigments that are formulated specifically for concrete coloration. Integral colors are added during the concrete mixing operation and create the base (predominant) color of the stones while the highlight colors are applied and bond with the cement during the casting of the stone. Both methods result in colors that are both permanent and steadfast. Please note, however, that cutting of the stone exposes the stone composition and compromises the natural, consistent look of the stone. Note: Discoloration may occur due to exposure to such things as de-icing salts, lawn fertilizers, common household chemicals, oil, grease, gasoline, or repeated exposure to chemicals present in treated water.

What does EarthStone veneer weigh?

EarthStone veneer products weigh approximately 8 to 12 lbs. per square foot, depending on the style of the stone.

Are EarthStone products fire resistant?

While EarthStone products are non combustible, they are not intended as a fire shield. When used in close proximity to a heat source, such as a fireplace or stove, one should consult the heat source manufacturer’s installation instructions for appropriate heat and fire shield protection.

Can EarthStone veneer products be cut to size?

Using the appropriate masonry cutting tools, all EarthStone products may be cut to the appropriate size. A concrete block or brick saw, a demo saw, or a circular saw equipped with an adequate masonry cutting blade or a diamond cutting blade, is required to cut stone. Cutting stone exposes the composition of the stone and for aesthetic reasons cut edges should be concealed. Please use appropriate personal safety equipment including adequate gloves, hearing and eye protection to avoid injury.

What is the white residue on my EarthStone veneer?

The development of a white residue on the surface during the early life of some concrete products is referred to as efflorescence. Efflorescence is caused when soluble salts and other water dispersible materials come to the surface of concrete. It is induced by moist conditions, low temperatures, condensation, rain, dew, or other water sources. Most commonly efflorescence occurs when calcium hydroxide formed in the hydration of portland cement is transported by water to the surface of concrete. There it combines with carbon dioxide from the air to form calcium carbonate, a white, chalky mineral deposit. Since efflorescence is a naturally occurring phenomenon, it is not possible to be sure when, or if, efflorescence will appear. The effect generally disappears with the natural weathering process and the passage of time. It is in no way detrimental to the long-term durability of the product.

Can efflorescence be removed?

If a nylon brush alone is unsuccessful, the use of water or a solution of one part white vinegar and five parts water may assist in removing the efflorescence. Care must be taken to rinse the surface well after removing so as not to simply transport the minerals to other areas. Note: Do not use concentrated chemical cleaners such as muriatic acid to remove efflorescence as these may damage the stone or alter color.

How do I clean the stone?

To clean dirt or other particles from the stone, first try using a soft bristle brush. If necessary, use warm water and a mild soap solution. Rinse the area with clean water and use a sponge or other absorbent cloth to remove any residual cleaning solution from the stone surface. Do not use power washers, bleach, paint remover, or any acid based cleaning products as they may permanently discolor or stain the surface of the stone.

Always conduct a trial on a small area to determine effectiveness and to be sure there are no undesirable consequences associated with particular cleaners or methods.

Can or should EarthStone veneer be sealed or treated?

The sealing of EarthStone veneer products is not required unless applied in areas subject to frequent moisture. At one's own discretion, a breathable concrete sealer may be applied to achieve a desired look or to assist in maintaining finished project cleanliness.

Does EarthStone Products LLC provide product installation?

No. EarthStone Products LLC does not provide installation service, but often times may be able to provide references for qualified installers.

Can I install EarthStone veneer myself?

Strict adherence to the prescribed installation instructions (see “Installation Guidelines”), basic knowledge of the necessary tools, and a rudimentary understanding of mortar and masonry application is sufficient to allow even a novice to complete an installation. The finished quality and final appearance of the job is greatly determined by one’s attention to detail and the basic skills that one possesses. As is the case with nearly any craft, the experience of a skilled mason typically will result in a finished project of higher quality completed in less time.

How do I determine how much stone I will need to complete my job?

All EarthStone veneer products are sold as flat veneer (used to cover flat surfaces) and corners (used to cover outside corners of wall and column surfaces). The use of outside corners lend to the realism of the stone by creating the impression of standard stone thickness as opposed to a thin veneer stone. To determine the quantity of stone required, measurements for corners and flat veneer are needed. Start by measuring the linear feet of outside corners to be covered with stone. Total all of the lengths and round to the nearest one foot increment. To determine the square footage of flat veneer required simply measure all flat surfaces by multiplying the length and width of the surface to be covered. On surfaces with openings or other features that will not be covered with stone simply subtract the square footage by again measuring the length and width of that surface. Total all of the individual values to be covered with stone less opening values and round values again to the nearest one square foot increment. It is advised that orders for stone be increased slightly (approximately 5%) to account for necessary cuts and to avoid limited stone selection when nearing completion of the project. Because corner stones do provide some coverage of flat wall surfaces, depending on the amount of corners required on a particular job, allowances for coverage provided by corners may reduce the amount of flat stone required to complete the job.

In what quantities are EarthStone veneer products sold?

At EarthStone we feel that it is unfair to require users of our products to purchase more stone than is required for their job. We therefore sell all of our products in the exact quantities that the customer requests. Simply provide the square foot quantities of flat stones required and the linear foot requirements of outside corners required.

How is EarthStone veneer packaged?

At EarthStone we take a great deal of pride in the quality and realism of the stone that we manufacture. To that point, we are very careful to package and handle our products to assure that quality is not compromised by the time it reaches the customer. All veneer products are shipped on sturdy pallets and all stone is stacked in layers with the use of protective sheets between layers and the use of stretch wrap to secure the product to the pallets. These precautions eliminate the introduction of surface related defects commonly found in competing products.

Where can I purchase EarthStone veneer products?

All EarthStone veneer products are sold directly to the public at our facility in Henderson, Colorado. We routinely work directly with homeowners, builders, and masonry professionals. Give us a call or visit our showroom. We'll be happy to assist you with your next project.

Obtain directions to our facility by clicking on the "contact us" link on this website.